So are Southwest Southwest experience was much better the second time around.  The first time around it was easy to get caught up in the lights, and the glamour, and the people that you're surrounded by, not to mention the food. The second time around we still had a good time but was way more business-oriented. 

The thing about being at SXSW is that every artist is good, every artist is trying to make it, and you have to find a way to rise above the noise, so to speak. So, we did. We found a way to stay in red gorillas face in all the venues that we played, basically we found a way to stay in constant rotation, so that we were seen and heard and we're able to speak to everyone on a consistent basis every single day, which worked out to be a great formula, because it led to us headlining the last two nights of the Red Gorilla music showcase.

It's very easy to get caught up in having a great time, and hanging out with, you know, your boys on the road, but, as an artist you have to decide which purpose you're there for.  A good time, or two, actually work, and you've got to separate the two.

Now I'm not saying that we didn't enjoy ourselves.  I'm just saying we kept an even keel. So our typical morning would start all around 7:30 or 8 o'clock, which was usually caused by one of the band members receiving a phone call from a significant other, getting off the phone and going ahead, and starting up the jokes for the day.  That's always a good way to get everyone stirring.  By that time, our amazing host Vivian and Berry, which Chief's cousins usually had a full breakfast spread laid out for us. Btw, These are two of the most amazing and gracious people we have ever met.  So, then we would quickly pray up, go over a recap of the night before as far as contacts, what time we need to be back downtown to me with a band or a club owner, or just whoever we made a good contact with that night. So once we finish breakfast and a regular Shenanigans, we would usually go back downstairs to our floor and maybe talk about the performance from last night, would need to be a little tighter and whatever we found it needed to be fixed, we basically would have rehearsal.

We all know the name of the game is staying razor sharp, so after rehearsal a lot more Band Room banter we would load into our van and hit the streets of Austin.  Once we reach our destination we'd all jump out looking like The A-Team.

The 3 R's to the music business as rock on would say our relationships, relationships, and relationships.  But now we've established some pretty good relationships so once we would return the venues, the door the door men would just wave us in.  Owners would come out to greet us, and bartenders enjoyed sitting down chatting with this again.

So far, our South by Southwest experience was much sweeter this time around, and putting in the hard work definitely paid off. With that being said, see you next year SXSW.

Now on to Bonnaroo !!!!!