Unbreakable Bloodline visited Morgan County Middle School last week for in class discussions followed by a full throttle live concert. It was an incredible experience that we are blessed & honored to have had the opportunity to live out.

Hats off to Luke McFarland for stepping outside of the box and being a catalyst in creating an atmosphere for life inspiring transformations to take place.

All of us in Unbreakable Bloodline are privileged to have been radically effected by the glowing presence of this middle school community under Luke's leadership. He is the bridge that connects the distance in between... Thank you so much for having us!

The following is what our friend & host, Luke McFarland, posted today in retrospect. How cool is this?

T.S. Elliot wrote, "It is impossible to say just what I mean!" and I understand that, but I will try as I should...

" I've made new friends. I invited a band into my class to expose my students to a different type of writing. In addition to that, I exposed them to artists, writers, musicians, technicians, historians, philosophers, care-givers, counselors, role models, poets, performers, inspirers, comedians, learners, and teachers. I couldn't sleep this morning with that type of creative buzz-urge that hits me after seeing others glow while doing their thing. The band is Unbreakable Bloodline, and if you look them up, watching a video cannot capture who they are and what they mean to me and others. What a wonderful combination of art, love, and thought. A few students transformed in their presence, and all were affected. Like some celestial events, the sort of connections they made and epiphanies they promoted happen maybe once in a lifetime. I ache this morning that they are gone. "