Road to Bonaroo 2017


Road to Bonaroo 2017


ATLANTA, GA – 30 May, 2017 – Hailing from small-town Albany, GA, Unbreakable Bloodline has risen to what some thought to be unattainable heights. The independent, multi-genre musical act recently won their second Georgia Music Award, performed at Atlanta’s 2016 Sweetwater 420 Fest, headlined multiple “South by Southwest” sponsored showcases in Austin, TX and was voted Red Gorilla Music’s favorite act of the 2017 festival out of over 600 performers.

Unbreakable Bloodline was recently invited by Miller Lite to take part in this year’s “New Music on Tap” lineup at Bonnaroo 2017.  This years’ Bonnaroo festival lineup includes such iconic acts as U2, The Weeknd, Chance The Rapper, Lorde, Cage The Elephant and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to employ our God given talents and be a positive inspiration to others through the power of music”, said guitarist Jon Smith. “We’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into this band and seeing the crowd multiply with people enjoying themselves is extremely gratifying.”

Unbreakable Bloodline has music available on major streaming outlets including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud and YouTube.  The band just dropped their latest single “Game Over”, produced byDarrick “Agent Method” Atwater, from the upcoming full length album entitled “Above The Noise (projected release spring 2018).

“We are thankful to be an instrument for this movement,” said vocalist King O-Z.  “This incredible opportunity is both humbling and reassuring that we are doing something right.  We look forward to rocking some fresh faces and are excited to show Bonnaroo what Unbreakable Bloodline is all about.”

Unbreakable Bloodline takes the Miller Lite stage on Saturday, June 10th at 1:15 PM. 

Be sure to visit for music, merchandise and the latest band direct updates. 

Please refer interviews/inquiries to the band’s management:

Paul-Devon Lewow
Time On The Road Productions 

Media Contact
Company Name: Time On the Road Productions, LLC
Contact Person: Paul-Devon Lewow
Phone: 770-715-2789
Country: United States



SXSW 2017 Final Score


So are Southwest Southwest experience was much better the second time around.  The first time around it was easy to get caught up in the lights, and the glamour, and the people that you're surrounded by, not to mention the food. The second time around we still had a good time but was way more business-oriented. 

The thing about being at SXSW is that every artist is good, every artist is trying to make it, and you have to find a way to rise above the noise, so to speak. So, we did. We found a way to stay in red gorillas face in all the venues that we played, basically we found a way to stay in constant rotation, so that we were seen and heard and we're able to speak to everyone on a consistent basis every single day, which worked out to be a great formula, because it led to us headlining the last two nights of the Red Gorilla music showcase.

It's very easy to get caught up in having a great time, and hanging out with, you know, your boys on the road, but, as an artist you have to decide which purpose you're there for.  A good time, or two, actually work, and you've got to separate the two.

Now I'm not saying that we didn't enjoy ourselves.  I'm just saying we kept an even keel. So our typical morning would start all around 7:30 or 8 o'clock, which was usually caused by one of the band members receiving a phone call from a significant other, getting off the phone and going ahead, and starting up the jokes for the day.  That's always a good way to get everyone stirring.  By that time, our amazing host Vivian and Berry, which Chief's cousins usually had a full breakfast spread laid out for us. Btw, These are two of the most amazing and gracious people we have ever met.  So, then we would quickly pray up, go over a recap of the night before as far as contacts, what time we need to be back downtown to me with a band or a club owner, or just whoever we made a good contact with that night. So once we finish breakfast and a regular Shenanigans, we would usually go back downstairs to our floor and maybe talk about the performance from last night, would need to be a little tighter and whatever we found it needed to be fixed, we basically would have rehearsal.

We all know the name of the game is staying razor sharp, so after rehearsal a lot more Band Room banter we would load into our van and hit the streets of Austin.  Once we reach our destination we'd all jump out looking like The A-Team.

The 3 R's to the music business as rock on would say our relationships, relationships, and relationships.  But now we've established some pretty good relationships so once we would return the venues, the door the door men would just wave us in.  Owners would come out to greet us, and bartenders enjoyed sitting down chatting with this again.

So far, our South by Southwest experience was much sweeter this time around, and putting in the hard work definitely paid off. With that being said, see you next year SXSW.

Now on to Bonnaroo !!!!!


SXSW = Awesome

O-Z in Austin, Tx

O-Z in Austin, Tx

Austin, Texas is treating us good this year people!  We are among the best bands in the world and we are standing tall.  Much love to the many great bands we have met this year, and thank you for the support. 

Shout out to Red Gorilla Music Fest for keeping us busy!  


Road To Texas

Road To Texas

And we're off!  

Paul is driving now.  Chief and Jon took first shift driving, then O-Z and O'she took second shift.  Next up, the rythem section.  So I'm up here with the Silverback himself, fighting the earge to eat all these damn muffins that we pre-packed.  Oh, and FYI, Louisiana doesn't care about their roads.  #fixthisshit

We are proud to be apart of the Red Gorilla crew as we rock Austin, Texas! If you're out and about in the long horn state, come and see us!  

Game Over Tour

ATL Recording Session

ATL Recording Session

Filming in this historic cemetary!  

Filming in this historic cemetary!  

What's up guys, we have been busy bees recording music in the amazing town of Atlanta.  ...yes... I said town.   Statistically it's a metropolis.  But who cares. 

We got with the Arkitech Beats and we put our powers together to create a song that will make you press the gas pedal and bob your non bobbin' head foo! 

Any who, we showed up to the studio with no sleep and pounded out some tracks with the engineer extraordinaire, Darrick Atwater, at The Farm Studios.  I gotta tell ya kids, this one's gonna be hot!  The mighty Paul Ward knocked out the drums faster than Mike Tyson, and still snuck off to eat breakfast without O-Z and me. 

Then, I came in dressed in Persian fabric, laced with gold and scented with frankincense in order to play bass.  That's the only way to play homie!  The bass; thick; and juicy.

Anyway, we have to give credit where credit is due.  Derrick Atwater is an extraordinary engineer and when you hear the track, you will agree that Unbreakable Bloodline has delivered a massive bombshell stacked with great melody, meaningful lyrics, hot noise and a cream filled center !!!!!   That's right, the Cadbury Bunny would be jealous.  

Stay tuned as we get our latest video ready for launch.  "Game Over" coming soon!


Jon Dead End