In July of 2016, we shared the stage with a rap superstar, TI.

First we showed up for load in around 2-ish. I always love loading into a big venue, and don't get me wrong, I don't really enjoy carrying my heavy gear any farther than I have to, but I get a great feeling when I show up to a big venue. Security was tight, just cause there is a rap superstar that will show up shortly.... who also had his own security team, so even this security team was a little apprehensive. I told our usher that I needed a place to change my strings so she went to find our "green" room, but to my dismay, they had no specific place for us. I was like, "Cool, no problem. I'll just post up by the stage and do it." I carried my bass over and began to do musical surgery on my instrument. But it's just a string swap, so it was an outpatient procedure. As I sat there, I noticed I was the only dude with my particular set of problems. You know what that meant.......... I was surrounded by rappers.

Automatically I am reminded that I have a "rhyming deficiency". Which is no problem for most new rappers, who simply throw together studio-chop-shopped, triplet rhyming schemes, but I'm amongst some of the south's finest “16 bar makers” …. and I'm the white guy sitting down changing my strings and I'm all like, “hello” . I always steer clear of “Yo” and “Homie” ….. never was my “forte” . But nothing but love was given to the Bloodline and we reciprocated fully to our respective peers. (That means it all good yo) And so we found a room back stage and we were frisked once more by another security team. When we got comfortable in our room and bragged about our shoes to one another, we were told by security that Field Mob was going to take over this are and we had to grab our stuff and get out. It's all good. The Bloodline doesn't complain, we work through the pain. …... somebody write that down!!!! … Anyway, we watched the performers go up, one by one. And finally, we get a chance to show our colors to the people of Albany Georgia at the Civic Center. We prayed as we always do. We gave thanks! And so we walked up to begin smashing all the ear holes in the surrounding area. But just as I turned my amp on, I said, “Oh shit, I don't have any power !”

It turns out that during the “Twerking contest” someone had accidentally kicked my power supply, proving once and for all that not all “Twerking” is created equal. I hastily plugged myself back into the matrix and watched as my Mesa Boodie 400 plus powered it's 16 6L6 and EL34 vacuum tubes to standard operating order, and simultaneously my Sans Amp was “priming the pump” as it were. And I just changed my strings, so I know my bass tone is going to sound like …... good and stuff.

Shout out the DJ Darkchild for supporting Unbreakable Bloodline and adding some nice noise to the mix. After our introduction, we began playing. We know that we only had a few minutes to make an impression. So, we came out of the gates running. The crowd was amazing! The people loved it! I was worried cause we weren't “Trap” or “Club” music. I was worried that our home grown hip hop was going to encounter a wall of haters. But that didn't happen. Everyone was so receptive to the music and the message. Shout out to Albany Georgia for supporting your local music! Shout out to Lee County Warrior Football! Shout out to all the MC's that showed their talent to their city!

After the show, we hung out and watched TI perform. It was nice to see a great seasoned performer work the stage and the crowd. After all, he's been doing it for long enough. Great show! Great energy! Great night all around. And so, after the “whoopla” was over, we waited for the best part of the night.... loading out! (just kidding) . King O-Z snapped a pic with Tiny! TI didn't stick around to talk to anyone, which I didn't think he would, but it was a great time none the less.

After the show, we all went to Steak and Shake. ….. which was a mistake. Don't get me wrong, I love Steak and Shake. But on that night..... they were not on their “A game”. That's another story for another time!

From your friendly neighborhood bass player, this is Ryan signing off.

Love ya'll :)